Friday, October 7, 2016

Well, that didn't escalate near quickly enough....

Sorry guys, I totally missed last week completely. To be perfectly honest, my head was filled with stories, but not the kind you write. This interfered significantly with actual writing, and then this week was stupid busy at work, so I owe you a chapter.

I'll try to get a second chapter out this week, but I probably won't. I don't know, I'm not making any promises right now, but I'll consider it.

Nothing exciting even happens in this chapter, so I've failed you again. Maybe next chapter will be exciting. Anyway, go ahead and read it here.


On a side note, a question for everyone. In the Table of Contents, I have links to each chapter. There I just put the chapter numbers, not the chapter titles, because, well, the titles can be kind of spoilery? Then again, they're at the top of the chapter when you read it so, eh?

Anyway, do you guys think I should include the chapter titles in the table of contents, or do you think it's good the way it is. I know not many people are reading this, but anyone who actually has an opinion, now's your time to shine*.

*Offer void in countries where shining is prohibited by law.

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