About the Story
Chronicles of the New World is the first true Alternate Reality Game, and of course it's Massively Multiplayer. The stories in these Chronicles primarily follow Chloe Marks and her friends, but as in any true Chronicle, there are more stories than the obvious.

The focus of Chronicles of the New World is Freedom. Players aren't limited to a certain class, or certain types of equipment. Players are encouraged to experiment, to explore, and to play the game the way that makes them happiest.

This web series is being presented almost entirely unedited. The simple reason for this is if I start editing it, I will never actually get it posted as I strive to get it ever more perfect. One the one hand, I would eventually get it perfect. On the other hand, it would be posted at roughly one chapter per year, so I think we'll all just have to deal with it. If  you read a page, and there is a glaring error you feel needs correcting, comment and I will strongly consider editing that part.

About the Author
just some guy

About the Update Schedule
At this time, updates will be weekly, usually on Friday. Early, early Friday morning most likely. This will be the update schedule until I get a handle on things, then I might update more frequently, but I make no promises. No promises at all.

There will be more here when I have time to think about it all a bit more.